I don’t feel safe with my father having 2 guns, he’s an alcoholist, suicidal, gets angry quick, he never grabbed them, but I take them?

My dad is an alcoholic, suicdial, gets pretty upset over little things, he has 2 guns and gets angry but never grabbed them, I want to take his guns away, opinions? Other Options? Mother won’t get divorce, wants to help him but it’s been years, he talks crazy and is unstable

Barb Outhere

An unstable person and firearms is a bad combination for sure. There are far too many examples of that.Why wait til something happens to remedy the situation? Either do it yourself, WITH your Mother's knowledge and consent, OR get his Doctor or the Law involved to have him assessed for mental capacity to hold a firearms licences, and he forfeits the guns if assessed as unfit. Then the job is done, as far as that goes. OR getting your Dad the help he needs - without his consent if necessary - may be at least as good.