I just had a one night stand with wifes best friend?

My wife and I are both 25. My wife went out of town for 4 days. During this time, her best friend came over to the house and we spent quality time together. We were in bed and she was naked on top of me. The sex was great. Can I trust my wife's best friend to keep this secret?


You'd be wise to be honest because, if you aren't, you will become victim to your fear that it may be disclosed and your guilt will only grow to the point where it will become intolerable.


Of course you can’t you’re idiot look up a divorce attorney now or better yet get mediation. Try masturbation next time


do it again if you liked it



Mad Luv

not sure of the quality of person your slept with and have no clue if she will keep the secret or not. maybe if i knew her i would know somethign to go on. But the fact she treats her friends like crap odds are she isn't going to care about the friendship so as long as you and your wife kiss her butt for life! if your wife calls her out she could tell her just to spite her. if you don't follow her orders she could call you out just to spite you. see what happens when you let the little brain do the thinking.