Relationship problems A.A?

My partner has a problem with alcohol, finally he decided to think about go to A.A I'm scared to be in this situation and scared he never changed and doing this just because I've sad I would live him... What do I do?

What You Talkin' About?

Learn to write English so your questions are understandable. That is what you should do.


Dump him

a Guy bein a Guy

You may have a reason to be scared but not why you are. You should know that alcohol issues are frequently an escape from a situation that requires altered reality to face. That could be a job or grief or often most Then as a part of getting clean and learning how to deal with reality using unaltered perception the recovering take a hard look at their situation and realize that their alcohol use was a a mask and that they just don't like that person any more. Unintended consequences. But now having got what you demanded you better get on board and stop the crap of finding other reasons to question his motivation. Because, from displaying this lingering doubt it seems you might be the reason he drinks so much.

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Since he has said he will go, at least give him a chance to try. Sit back and wait. Time will tell if he is committed to change or not. You can make your future decisions based on that.