Should I let wife take son out of country?

We both have a 17 month old boy together. I love him very much. Wife says she would like to go back to her country for 6 months with our boy to show him to his grandma and other family members. The problem is her & I don’t get along well. We don’t see eye to eye on most issues and we have tried to get divorced twice. She can be rude and disrespectful, and shows no consideration for my preferences and things that I tell her. Some have said, she won’t bring the boy back. Some say don’t let her take him for more than 2 months. I am a little confused as to what to do here. I don’t personally find her reliable or trust worthy, but I just won’t expect her to do such a thing as take him away completely. Any advice? She’s from east Africa (Ethiopia)


He's too small to visit Africa. You could invite her parents to visit your country instead.


Don’t let your kid grow up in Africa unless you just secretly don’t wanna be bothered to raise him. God that would suck. Africa is a sh^thole no offense, especially Ethiopia. However if you truly don’t wanna be a parent and you don’t care then hey, I guess let the kid and her go ? ....... I kind of agree with everyone else, and I’m pretty sure you know this as well. Don’t play dumb bro. We ALLL know she ain’t gonna bring the kid back, like ever. Unless by some chance she needs you so she comes groveling back. But Right now it’s certainly not her goal, that’s for sure. So just be honest with yourself and decide what you wanna do If you love your kid, then tell her NO and put it in writing. Let her know you’ll call police for kidnapping if she tries taking him and you’ll contact the airport

Kim R

I suspect she will not come back since she has no problem leaving you for 6 months, and vice versa.


Well to be honest, I don't think you will see her or your child again if she leaves.


You both have a child together? You either trust her to come back or you don't, and you make your decision based on that.


No, because she'll never let him come back.


She may never bring him back...It happens often.

Barb Outhere

"I don’t personally find her reliable or trust worthy" so listen to your gut. If she goes to Africa, what chances do you have IF she decides to go into hiding (with her family's help?) and she and the boy don't come back? CHECK your government's TRAVEL WARNINGS - Here in Australia Ethiopia is considered a very high risk country for both violence and disease. You can put it to her that her home country is still too dangerous for her and a young child to travel to, so she can go if she chooses but the boy stays here. OR you could arrange a visit of ONE of her relatives for a few weeks, and perhaps that might satisfy her for now? You do have to consider the child's well being over everything else, and so should she.


Let her go? Let her go? That's part of your problem. You think you should be able to control her. Does she have any reason to want to come back to you? Yes, she probably needs a letter giving her permission to travel with the child, although in my experience, they don't always ask for it before letting someone on a plane. It sounds like you didn't get to know each other very well before producing this child. In most cases, you have no way to force a woman to stay in the country if she has no ties to you, a job, or anything else.


No, don't let her go. It's better if the grandparents come to see you.


I just also want to say we have been married just over 2 years.


Put the child first. Try not to let your troubles stop him from seeing and knowing his family.


I'd ask her. It is not necessary to have the consent of both parents in order to leave the Country with a child.


Ask her why she would plan such a trip without you. If she doesn't have a good answer for that, then don't let her go without you. You are asking if you should let your wife take your son out of country. That is an odd question, as a married couple should never be planning solo travel, whether the kid comes along or not.