What does it mean when a married guy openly flirts back with a single coworker?

He reciprocates her advances and seeks her out. Should I tell his wife what he is doing at work ? I’ve been friends with him for a while but don’t approve of this. Or should I talk to the woman at our office who flirts with him ? @ Gypsyfish, she does kiss his cheek everytime they hug each other and she's always complementing him in a sexual type of way, he likes it all though and never seems to put her in her place. I just would want to know if my husband was doing that at work with another woman, so should I tell his wife or no ? Me and him use to date back in high school years and years ago, we broke up but remained friends, I see him now like a brother so it upsets me when I see that he seeks her out now that he is married. I don't want to call him a friend with the way he is behaving.

Kim R: You have a few choices

You have a few choices: 1. Speak directly to one or both of them. 2. Leave each of them an anonymous note stating coworkers have noticed what's going on and the wife will be told if it escalates. 3. Mind your own business. Good luck.


You sound jealous. It’s none of your business.


Call them out in front of other people while they are flirting. Pretend like you're kidding. It'll piss them off and they'll probably both deny anything is happening, but that might be the only thing to make it stop.


On the one hand, I’m all for telling a person if they have a cheating spouse. However, I’m also against false accusations. In fact false allegations are criminal- if you accuse him of cheating or flirting without just cause, or proof, then he can sue you. You should find out if he’s actually flirting with sexual intentions or if it’s just harmless joking, before you tell his wife. For example- you could test him by offering to hang and see a movie at your place after work. If he agrees, THEN you can tell his wife.. & make sure you get proof via texting of his flirty texts to u, first. Again I’m all for catching married cheaters bcuz they deserve it 100%, HOWEVER DONT ASSUME THAT HES CHEATING WHEN MAYBE HE IS JUST AN OUTGOING CONFIDENT GUY. Don’t take this the wrong way but some girls are really shallow and c*unty, and they’ll think a guy they find unattractive is “flirting” if he’s merely confident and outgoing to her/others, as if ugly guys should be shy. Don’t be that girl.


It means it has nothing to do with you. You should consider minding your own business. No good will come of interfering in this.


What do you mean "he reciprocates her advances"? Are they kissing in the hall? Or just having a friendly conversation? People can do that, you know, without having an romantic involvement.