Why won t my mom let me go to the Gynecologist? She also has never had the talk with me and likes to act like sex doesn t exist at all.?



Lots of adults are so uptight about sex that they are unable to speak about it frankly even when needed, like educating their own children or providing age-appropriate health care. If you are sexually active or about to be, you need to see a gynecologist for birth control. Can you ask your dad or another female relative?


Its not super important to start going to the gyno at an early age. Waiting until you're 18 and legally able to make an appt yourself is perfectly safe.


Did she FGM you?

chris n

Why do you want to go to the gynecologist? If you are very young your mother would wish to go with you. If it's for contraception and you are underage then the gynecologist probably wouldn't entertain you without a parent's permission. Talk to a school counsellor about it if you can't speak to your mother.