Are these subtle signs that she was using me and is a gold digger?

I'm 39 and she's 21.She was almost immediately infatuated with me. She makes $10/hr working part time, lived at home with her parents who treat her like a queen. They cook her meals, do her laundry but she wanted her own place I was so excited to have a younger attractive girl interested that I took her on a nice vacation, all expenses paid. She didn't offer to pitch in but it was a gift While we were on the trip she took a lot of selfies and posted them on her facebook and instagram. She also posted photos of the meals we ate at expensive restaurants. Steak, lobster, pasta, shrimp cocktail, craft beer and fine wine etc. She also took photos of the scenery at the beach and some of the nice places I took her. She didn't post any photos of us together but only posted a pic of her wearing my football jersey on the beach. A part of me wondered if she did that to show off that she was on a fancy trip being wined and dined by a mystery guy. She didn't mention my name in any of the posts or anything. Shortly after we got back from the trip I was smitten because I was blown away by the sex and all my guy friends and football buddies were envious. I wanted to keep her around so I got us a nice luxury apartment, fully furnished with all furniture that she picked out. I paid the rent and all I asked is she pay for the groceries. Now she wants to travel more but she doesnt have any money saved and she brought up kids and marriage and how she wants to settle down. Is she a gold digger


Nice try


WTF is wrong with you that you have repeated this over and over? If this is at all a real situation, you two deserve one another. You seem like a real whiney little snowflake.

Coach Simon

Surely you know her better than any of us can?! You do come across as a little shallow from what you have written, but this is just my impression from one short piece.


She's looking for security. If you're looking for only great sex and arm candy to show off to your buddies, I'd say you're just as shallow. I'd say this is rather obvious trolling. Even a gold-digger would make a better showing.


What are you actually annoyed about here? Not being in her photos? How much time did you both spend online, her posting and you stalking?


Obviously a troll. Nice try big guy.


She's a gold digger and you would be wise to cut her off now and don't get her pregnant!




Nothing subtle about it.


I've already answered this 2 days ago... again, yes. any girl making $10 an hour part time will do this. who wouldn't? she had the opportunity and took it.

Beverly S

Well you took her on the trip, so why would she pay? I'm sure she loves the fact that you are taking care of her.. however, the fact that she didn't post any pictures with you would definitely bother me if I were you.. I'd slow it down a bit.. she is way too young for you anyway.


If you don't trust her, then don't marry her, dummy.


Hey she's using u and u use her just don't marry her Its all good Enjoy that 21 yr old body buddy!


No. She didn't make any demands and only accepted your generosity with grace. She may have shown desire for more travel but that was an interest of yours that you originally brought to her. The desire for marriage and kids is a part of any woman's plan.


Honestly I don't begrudge her for wanting to get out of a situation being stuck at home with her parents. You freely provided these things to her and who can fault her for accepting them. You say yourself that she seems to make you happy. Regardless only you can decide if this type of relationship is something you want for the long run. She can never be your true partner in life if you are expecting her to help provide financial support. At her income she would barely have enough for her personal needs. She's gold digging a little and you use her for sex. Currently it seems to be mutually beneficial, but she won't likely ever be much more than a housewife who works part-time if you were expecting more.


not necessarily. she likes the stability you offer and for good reason. you think she's hot in bed. work on the friendship so you develop trust. then you'll know.

running n mt

She is living a fantasy life "she does not think" and she will be that to the day she dies, do you really want that, I don't think she is bad person but "she does not think"


They're really not all that subtle.

Big Sis

Honestly she's young and trying to get some security without doing the hard work you have obviously done. Drop her like a hot potsticker


Sounds like it, but I don't know her. She may not be malicious - like planning to marry you, divorce you and take half - but if she's used to being pampered by her parents, she may associate wealth with love. "The more you buy me, the more you love me." That sort of thing.


self centered lazy female dog time you looked for a more responsible girl