How Do I not Out Do the Bride?

Ok. I am in my early teenage years and my cousin is getting married soon (24 years) he and his fiancée met at college and got engaged August 2018. I hardly know who any of her family is. And I feel like I deserve to know before she ruins my perfect family. It’s not like I am racist at people who are wearing glasses or whatever (I also have glasses) but I feel like her family is terrible. I am muslim and her family wear short sleeves as adults (strictly forbidden) and they are also Muslim and she (the bride) and her friends and brother AND GATHERED ALL THE MEN UP FRONT and began to dance with most vulgar poses I’ve ever seen. At last, my whole family left the room and went outside (except my cousin the groom and my grandma and the other elders ; it’s hard for older people to get out of a crowded room) . My family (especially my dads side) is strictly forbidden to a lot of things. My mom had to talk my dad into letting us even have birthday cake! Her family is skin bearing and breaking rules. On To the question. When they get married I want to wear a jeweled hair comb but don’t wanna out do the bride? What should I do?


You are a very bigoted little girl who is poking her nose into other's business. If your cousin likes his bride, and his parents do, you and your bigoted, busy-body family need to butt out.


You don't out do the bride. You mind your own business. Your cousin's fiancee is not your business.


A jeweled hair comb is not outdoing the bride. And stop being so nosy and judgmental.


Lol if you think a jeweled hair comb is going to outdo the bride. And the rest of this question is just ridiculous. Other people exist no matter what your beliefs are. She's not forcing YOU to wear short sleeves or do any of the things she does so get over it.


You are grossly mistaken if you think wearing a stupid hair comb is going to detract from the bride.


It's not like a child wearing a hair comb is going to upstage an adult bride. But find a time to talk to your cousin about this seemingly more liberal family he's marrying into. Don't accuse, just ask him how his beliefs have changed to where he feels free to live a less restrictive life. As you age and experience the world this could be valuable information to have. You don't know that with more education and exposure to people that you won't eventually make a similar decision. It's easy to be holier than thou when you have no real stake in the bigger picture.


Keep the hair comb at home and just wear something you'd normally wear to a wedding.


Racism doesn't involve wearing glasses. I don't get why any of these other details matter when your only question is about wearing a hair comb. The general rule is to not call attention to yourself as a wedding guest, and not to dress in a way that could make people mistake you for the bride or a wannabe bridesmaid. So go ahead and wear the comb if it's subtle enough where you'd fit in with the other guests ... skip wearing it if it's too big or flashy or would call a lot of attention to yourself. When in doubt, just skip it entirely. Not worth causing a family feud over a stupid hair comb.


Avoid the wedding.