Is it weird to know when he's going to propose?

My boyfriend has already purchased my engagement ring and is planning to propose at dinner the weekend before Valentine's Day. Is it weird to know when he's going to propose? He's even tried to show me a photo of the ring, but I refuse to see it. I want to at least be surprised THAT way. Yeah Anon., you sound like a real winner yourself!!!


No, not at all. An engagement really shouldn't be a huge surprise. You should have discussed your dreams, goals, values, and expectations before making such a huge and serious commitment.

Common Sense

No, I really don't think it is weird to know when a guy will propose. We usually have marriage and commitment conversations with the people we love and have been dating for a while. Unfortunately, the media and the wedding industry has now taken over proposals and making them a huge event with engagement photographs and parties to pump up the wedding industry economy. Days past, an engagement party was for the in-laws to meet one another. These days, there are gift registries and a huge party. Which is ridiculous. Why a party just because people are engaged? That is what wedding showers and wedding receptions are for. Anyway, it is not always easy for a guy to act "normal" when he intends to propose. There are usually signs as he deliberates on how to ask because there is so much pressure from the media and wedding industry to have some fairy tale proposal. Guys are spending a lot of money on a ring and so many girls want a ring they want, which gets a guy really nervous...not about the actually marriage proposal, but so much emphasis is put on a ring that it is enough to drive a guy nuts (and gals, too!!). LOL. So, it is not an easy secret to keep from a loved one, especially the person being proposed to.


No, it's not weird to know that a proposal is/may be coming. Because a proposal should only happen after both members of the couple have agreed that the time is right to get engaged and start preparing for marriage. A proposal shouldn't be the kickoff of the "Do you think we should get married?" talk. It should be the formal resolution of that conversation. The REAL engagement happens through conversations and discussion and mature communication ... the ring and/or a bended-knee proposal are just traditions that many people like to keep up. If a woman is COMPLETELY caught off-guard by a marriage proposal, then that's a gigantic red flag for the relationship. The circumstances of a proposal or the appearance of the ring might be a nice surprise, but if the woman truly had no idea that a proposal might be coming then it means the couple never discussed marriage together/wasn't on the same page about the timing of marriage, and that doesn't bode well for their future together. If you want the ring to be a surprise, that's fine. If he offers to show it to you, say "No thanks, I want to be surprised" and then drop it.

Doug Freyburger

Proposals should NEVER be secret or a surprise. That's a recipe for disaster. The ring being secret? Sure if tht's hat you want.


Nope. And your future fiancé is no fool either because he already knows your answer to his question. If he didn't, he wouldn't be asking it. But there are things you don't know … exactly how he will ask you. Also realize that plans to do things don't always occur as planned. Good luck and congrats.


It's not weird, but I also don't think it's too common. I didn't know when my husband was going to propose, he's pretty good at hiding things like that. At least keep some thing a surprise and let him get on with his plans.


I knew exactly when my husband was going to propose to me so I guess it's normal. It would have been nice to be surprised though but it is what it is.


i dont think so, at least hes proposing to you, noone has ever asked nne to nnarry thenn, youre lucky


It not weird, maybe he just wants to include you in the decision so you will be happy

Alexandra Wallace

I don’t think so


It's not weird nor should it be a surprise yet women like you expect the man to pay thousands on the ring THEN give you an extravagant proposal. Sadly the man does it because he knows you will throw a fit and whine about anything less flashy & extravagant


It’s not weird atall I don’t think in my opinion it doesn’t make it less special because u know I mean if you really love him it won’t make a difference to you


How lucky are you that your boyfriend is so excited that he wants to share in his excited with you. You are probably the best of friends too. Congratulations.

Tempting Apple

Well, it won't be a surprise... but see things from the bright side. You will also be able to prepare yourself for the moment. By the best, congratulations and all the best.




It all depends on what you want. If you want it to be a surprise, then tell him that. If you are okay with knowing, then its fine


Don’t sound weird to me


Well kinda. It does ruin the surprise even though you would have probably known anyway. But wouldnt know the day or where.


no that is NOT normal. I don't think you picked a keeper here. if he wanted to surprise you why would he tell you the exact date and show the ring and everything? I would be throughly upset with him. and really, the weekend before valentines day? I was expecting it to be cheesier and have it on valentines day. lame.


why don't you talk to your boyfriend now and tell him that you would like for him to pick a random day to surprise you with a proposal ---that you don't want to see the ring or knwo when. Just be up front.