I'm drinking a fifth of vodka every night. It's starting to scare me. Help?

I don't even know how it's possible. I didn't even try to do this. I usually just got drunk off half a bottle, so I didn't see a big deal drinking daily. But somewhere along the line I developed a massive tolerance. I tried to switch to beer for a night to see if it would slow me down, but then I just ended up drinking 20 of them and felt horribly bloated and had horrible diarrhea. So as weird as it sounds, vodka is the "heathier" option. But I just don't get it, a human body is not supposed to be able to drink this much. I thought it was just a Hollywood thing you only saw in the movies. Well I don't feel as cool as the hard-boiled detective in his noire setting drinking a fifth of whiskey and then springing into action fighting bad guys. I feel like a sorry *** alcoholic, and it's making my performance at work absolutely dog sh*t. Idk, I guess I should be talking to AA instead of coming here. Don't even know why I posted this, just hoping I might run into someone who has dealt with this. I feel like I'm dying, and I don't think I can stop. Stupid asss legal system messed me up man, I got put on probation so I quit smoking weed. I hardly ever drank when I was on pot. It's so funny how we demonize marijuana, I know first hand what the real devils are.


Adios amigo.

Blue nose

Just stop!

Jerry S

get help at once.


Then quit I did


Hey. I had a liver transplant. It was not due to alcohol but my ex boyfriend also had a liver transplant and his was due to drinking. He is now dead, due to his drinking. He was so smart that it's hard to imagine why he began drinking in the first place. He was a Wake Forest grad, became a general surgeon. Eventually he lost his medical lic. due to his drinking. I didn't know him until after all of that happened. I met him after he had started back up drinking and he could handle it. I knew him for 4 years and I finally left him after he's spent 28 days in the same hospital he trained in. He could not stop drinking. I was changing his adult diapers when I left. I was exhausted. One of us was going to die and I wasn't ready to be that person. He died 11 months after I left. Please get help. If AA is not your thing there is SMART Recovery. Good luck!


Go to a medical detox place in your city for a week. It could be dangerous if you suddenly stop. I have the exact same problem. Only I drink more than a 26er per night. I need to go to detox as well...


Stop drinking


Oh man, I have been there! Don't worry, the diarrhea is temporary.


I am having very much trouble myself. Except even worse I am starting to drink in the daytime. Don't feel alone. Please respond privately to me if you would like to talk it out with someone who knows it's not as easy as just quit.


Alcohol is very addictive some get hooked quicker than others.


Start mixing the vodka with another drink. Pour one shot of vodka into a tall glass filled with soda. Drink it all and then repeat if you want more. You might have a high tolerance for alcohol, but eventually your body will get filled with so much soda that you no longer want more.


Then dont




"vodka is the "heathier" option" You're kidding yourself. If you're drinking that much and that regularly you have a serious problem.


It's time to get help. First of all medical. Withdrawal from that level of alcohol use can KILL you.


Sign yourself into a rehab treatment program. You are using alcohol to run away from buried emotions, and have lost control over yourself.

Karen L

If you feel like an alcoholic, then I'd say you are one. Why don't you try AA? They have a website. You can go there and find a meeting, in the next day at most unless you live in a very small town, and in that case there is probably going to be a number to call and you can speak to a recovering alcoholic. You don't have to live this way.

The Lord Humungus.

Well, to start with buying in bulk saves money.


Well, you know you've become addicted when you stop drinking cold turkey. If you're OK with that, then you probably aren't a full-blow alcoholic yet. If you do experience bad withdrawal symptoms, there are some methods to cope -- some of which require prescription medications.


Don't be an alcoholic it's not good for your health


Drink more


Stop drinking it's the devil's juice