Whats the best strain of weed you have smoked?


Robert S

Thai sticks.Maui Wowie.

heart o' gold

Right now I am partial to Lemon Jack. I have always really liked Blue Dream and White Widow. “Best” depends on what you want. I tend to prefer high Sativa strains with high THC and low CBD. I like the euphoria and relaxation but still want to be able to think and do creative things like art and cooking and active things like gardening and playing with my dogs.


I would say AK-47 (unfortunate name) also known as Cherry Phenotype. Whatever, it was good. Blue Dream is good. The thing to look for is resinousness. Then, whatever it is going to do it has something. But some less resinous weed can have a better high. In any case, the resinous goes further economically.

Emily Rose

I don't smoke that sh*t too f*ucking expensive and not worth losing custody of my child. Weed is illegal where i live.




The strain which I didn't smoke -- My life is stressful enough already.

Peter W