Can I cook Pilsbury cookies in the microwave... also... can I eat the raw dough?


Nikki P

Eating raw cookie dough is not recommended for 2 reasons. 1. The eggs are a possible source 2. Flour believe it or not is a source of salmonella. If you want to eat raw cookie dough make it yourself. Microwave the flour and follow your favorite recipe and omit the eggs. There are pre made cookie doughs that you can buy they are typically in the same area as the refrigerated snacks like pudding. An microwaving cookie dough will not be successful as a cookie but if you want to heat the dough up so it is safer for eating that might be a possibility.

Kim R

They won't turn out very good in a microwave. Baked in the oven is the way to go. Eat the raw dough if you dare. Sometimes you get an upset stomach from it, sometimes you don't.


Read the label regarding microwave instructions. While you are at it, check for a warning somewhere on the package telling you it is not safe to consume raw cookie dough. Cookie dough is not meant to be eaten uncooked, so the USDA does not inspect raw cookie dough for salmonella. Salmonella is not an issue once the dough has been properly cooked. Eat it raw at your own risk. Most people have at some point or another.


No but yes to raw.


yes, 1 min per cookie, and yes.