Why does AllRecipes.com so often publish good, but not great recipes on their web site?

If you look at the recipes on there, almost always you see a bunch of reviews where the reviewers point out problems and suggest alterations to make it better, and most of the other reviewers agree that the alterations did indeed make the recipe better. At that point, why doesn't All Recipes post a revised recipe saying something like, "most reviewers suggested that adding X, Y and Z improved the recipe, so we've modified the recipe accordingly?"


you have to be careful of some of those reviews as sometimes those bad reviews are from cooks that don't know squat. ALSO, everyone has an opinion on what does or doesn't taste good. My brother in law hated onions so NOTHING his wife cooked was very tasty to me because I love onions. Any recipes she would have posted would be sans onions and if I were reviewing it, I would complain about no onions and suggest adding them. That doesn't mean it was an inferior recipe but it did reflect the tastes of the person she cooked for. I wouldn't revise the recipes either. Millions of recipes are like that. One person loves it the next doesn't. Its up to the cook to make the appropriate changes for THEIR tastes.


You have to realize that the recipes online or in thier magazines are all submitted by home cooks so that is how they like.The suggestions come from people that have tried it and then liked it better with the modifications.Noone is wrong it is your own personal taste and preference.


Just because someone says something like "would be great with more seasoning, or double this or that ingredient" it doesn't mean it would for everyone. It's their suggestion. Recipes are submitted to be published as the person submitting them says. You can't find a recipe on the site that doesn't have some criticism from a reviewer and someone telling you how to make it "better."


Because the recipe is the original submitter's. You can't just alter someone recipe. Anyone would be free to submit a revised recipe.