What goes well on rice?


Been There, Done That.

My wife makes a dish of white fish, rice, and a thick tomato sauce like spaghetti sauce. MMMMMM good. Being Asian, she REALLY can come up with some great grub. We have steamed rice with nearly every meal, except breakfast.


Brown Gravy


Curried anything, Asian dishes like stir fries.



retired old sarge

white... Haven't you ever heard of.... "White on Rice"...

Common Sense

In my opinion, it is not what you put ON the rise, but what you put IN the rice water that makes rice delicious. Rather than use just plane water, why not experiment and use seafood stock, beef or chicken stock instead of water. Or, use pineapple juice or perhaps some orange juice. I have even used green tea. To the water, you can add sautéed onions and garlic or shallots. Even just onion or garlic powder will do. I have added soy sauce to the water, perhaps a small amount of wine. I also add chopped parsley, or scallions and sometimes a whole can of diced tomatoes with chili peppers. I have also added toasted sesame seeds and some pineapple with mandarin oranges to the rice. Even shredded coconut is great to add to the rice while cooking. I have added a can of diced tomatoes and sofrito to rice while it was cooking as well. The possibilities are endless. What I put ON rice is gravy.


Non-gravy sauces. Stir-fried vegetables, stir-fried in sesame oil and lightly splashed with soy sauce. Cooked legumes (black beans, pinto beans, lentils, garbanzo beans, etc). Curries of any sort. Even just cooking up some green peas and bacon, slicing some raw green onions/scallions, and tossing them all with the rice and a BIT of olive oil, with some fresh-ground black pepper.


I say chicken or lamb chops dipped in gravy! & occasionally corn beef hash can go with it to! Ok Heres what I do, I put the corn beef hash on top of white the rice & I mix it up together & I eat it & enjoy!


Curried chicken and veggies.


Eggs. That is all you will always have in the fridge.


Basically anything. As rice is near-neutral in flavor, there's almost no limit to the foods it can and has accompanied.

Question Queen

Crawfish etouffe.

Richard D

Lot so things. Almost anything. Creamed dishes are all great. A pile of stir-fried vegetables. In old terms, it functions as the starch.


Veggies and chicken or steak.


lots of things. meat gravy, sweet and sour sauces, cheese sauce, mushroom sauce.

Gerry G

Almost any sauce.


Chicken steak shirmp


If you mean 'Serve on rice' as a dish, anything you fancy, A few choices we have are ;- Chicken curry, Beef stroganoff, Meatballs & sauce, Teryaki belly pork, Lamb tagine. ------------ I make a tasty tomato & chive rice in the M.wave, I add rice into a pyrex lidded dish with dried chives, seasoning, water to cover by 1&1/2 inches above the rice, then m.wave for 8 minutes, remove, add a small can of chopped tomatoes & a pinch of sugar, knob of butter then m.wave for a further 2 minutes. This is good with fried chicken, breaded fish, sausages, meatloaf, or just served with cheese toast / herby focaccia as a light meal.


Asian food, almost any shellfish, gravys, Chili almost anything you want to eat with it.




Steamed or sauteed vegetables with herbs and butter rice.


Beef curry


Sometimes, simply butter on rice tastes good.


Rice is food. All else is side dish's. So all goes well with rice. Live in Asia you will find this is true.

Kheli C.

butter rice


Soy sauce and chicken


meat and gravy


Soy Sauce, no doubts about it.


That green seaweed they make sushi with. I prefer crab and rice seaweed sushi. It's Soft and warm and tastes nice if eaten Fresh from the asian Buffett.


Frank's red hot i put that sh** on everything