Where can I get free cake?



At the supermarket, just put it in your bag and walk out


i think from close friends


birthday parties, weddings, dinner invites, Grandma's house (they always have cake), bakery free samples, etc.


At a wedding


In your dreams.


You can't have your cake and eat it too.


In most shops when something is staled out of date where they can't sell it anymore legally, they give it out to employees or other donation centers. However, as you might expect, the more desirable items go fast. You can make friends with someone who drives a Little Debbie delivery van or your best bet would be to get really lucky or spy on their warehouses. Whole pallets of things go bad or are taken off the menu, getting thrown away. I've seen dumpsters full of 100s of cases, 5000+ bags or boxes of otherwise good food thrown away due to business or legal concerns. There was a video on YT of Cannon workers smashing $10,000 lenses with hammers because of a branding issue. There were slight imperfections so they didn't want ugly product being associated with their name. The funny thing is I've seen retail consumers throw away food in better condition than I've seen served in fancy restaurants. That's not to fault the restaurants. It's to fault the consumer for tossing a $3.50 avocado for a slight color shift on the skin. It's been said if industry didn't waste any food, we could feed everyone 10 times over. However, I'm sure because I've seen it they wouldn't eat half of it. People have come to expect the swirl on the cupcake to be perfect that you can dig out 50 of them from the garbage because they were not.

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