I asked this keeping Food Fresh question before, but I don't think I explained myself very well. I would like to know if, in the case that?

people live in hot humid temperatures, in order to keep certain foods fresh - foods such as tomatoes, Potatoes, Bread (foods that don't do well in the refrigerator, they lose their flavor and texture), if people could benefit from sealing food in an airtight container then submerging them completely covered in water. I was thinking of this, because it seems that the water would stay cooler than the air temperature. Thus keeping the food better. Especially if you don't have a cooler part of the house. What do you think? Good or Bad, and Importantly please explain Your reasoning WHY?.

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The foods you've described don't keep well in air tight.containers either... submerged or not. I live in a hot humid climate and keep tomatoes in a bowl, potatoes in the cupboard and bread in the freezer. Standing water will happily come up to room temp. Here that can be 35-40oC. Sealed containers would become petrie dishes very quickly. Every time you open, close and resubmerge them you'll be cross contaminating and will have to change the water. Standing water also attracts every insect around. You can't keep it clean, even indoors. Some cultures did, however, store food in streams or creeks with running water in netted bags. This worked because the running water is generally colder and cleaner than standing water. Maybe not so much these days though..


The water would warm up over time.