Can vegans use products that were tested on animals?

Not just makeup but also medicine, etc.


nearly every chemical in every type of product has already been tested on animals. Even medical instruments probably have been as well. Because something isn't currently been tested now often means it already has been in the past and doesn't need it again. Vegans can use what ever they want. Each vegan can make up their own mind how far to take their commitment to their cause. There are no vegan police you know.


Yes, a vegan is a person who consumes no animal products of any kind. They probably wouldn't use things made from animals either - such as wool, leather and silk but this doesn't have to be the case for them to be "vegan". I am aware of the attempts made over the last few years to redefine "vegan" but vegans don't have this right anymore than an alcoholic has the right to define "alcoholic", or a car-saleman has the righ to define "car". If in doubt, consult a dictionary!


That is correct they don't use animal tested products - hence the reason there will never be a majority of Vegans in the world - the first super-flu pandemic will wipe all of the non-vaccinated off of the earth.

Ghost Of Christmas Past

In theory, a vegan would not use anything that involved animals. The link between animals and plants is so complicated that it's difficult to avoid animal products altogether. Commercial growers of green vegetables use iron rich fertiliser that includes blood from the abattoir. Vegans also need a source of chelated iron and Vitamin B12. Few humans can absorb sufficient iron from vegetable sources and B12 only occurs in animal products. So they have to take supplements - but they include animal products.


They usually don't unless there's no alternative. Life saving medication can't always be replaced.

Nerdy Keith

Generally we aim to avoid it. When it comes to medicine we avoid it when practically possible. If you can get a film coated tablet instead of a gelatine capsule, I tend to go with the film coated tablet.

Gordon B



No. Vegans wont use any product that exploits animals






Animal testing should be banned. A hippocritical vegan would use them.