Do you think eating meat is barbaric?

I've been vegetarian for maybe 6 months and I never have to feel bad about what is in my mouth or tummy. Every now and then I'll get a little craving for baby back ribs or chicken wings, but then I eat something vegetarian and the craving goes away. People ask why, and it's because I don't want an animal in my mouth or body! Quite simply. They are living creatures with the sensation of pain just like me. I'm sure if you grilled my meat up and put sauce on it, it would taste good too. I don't judge anyone else for it, because I was that the entirety of my life until 6 months ago.


That's a totally absurd thing to ask. Eating meat is healthy and part of a balanced diet.


No. Humans have been eating meat since the beginning of of time.


As the only son in my family of cattle ranchers since the 1880's in Arizona, and the destined individual to continue operations thru my full lifetime, I am a promoter of beef eating, but people, in general, seem to envy my position, so I really don't give any attention to vegetative state mental disorders, as you seem to refer to. Btw, our cows number in the 100's, and we spend most of our time caring for the mother cows, and babying the calves, which is labor and time intensive, and they love the ranch hills, and pastures, and getting so much attention. They would say no barbaric innuendos here, just a good life, and no school to mess up our brains, or people thinking if meat wasn't eaten, cows would enjoy life to retirement, though most likely, they would suffer starvation, since ranchers care for, and 'till the land, as a renewable resource. In doing so, the range lands cattle survive on are nurtured, maintained with efforts to sustain life, not just for cattle, but grass and vegetative foods for wildlife, and horses,as already noted.


No, we just had some roast chicken. I don’t judge what people choose to eat. But I believe some vegetarians forget that plants are living as well.

The Grim Reaper

No, why would I? I am not one of those self centered, self important, do as I say or you are a bad person social moralists who simply can not get over the fact that nature made Humans to eat meat as well as veggies, simply because they think some animal is too cute to eat. I also don't care what others eat at all. To each their own, but be wary about your eating habits, make sure you are getting a proper variety of nutrition.


u vegans and vegetarians never quit do you? not its not barbaric

Question Queen

Those vegetarian documentaries brainwash us into being ashamed for eating meat. I fell into that trap. I was always hungry, eating raw vegan. The Bible says that teaching against eating meat is doctrines of devils.


Nope. And these militant vegans, who make such claims, are liars.


Delicious. Eating meat is delicious.


no i don't


No. And I think vegans are pests.

tim is cool

no. i don't care. it's yummy

Aizen 2028

Nope, some people can't survive without meat.


Many doctors eat meat.

Blue nose

No it's not to me


and when the people complained to Moses all they had to eat was manna God gave them birds to eat (meat)


You idiot. How is eating meat barbaric? Humans are omnivores, we were designed to eat both meat and plants. Stop acting like you are better than everyone else for restraining yourself from eating food which we are supposed to eat.


no we are having cheeseburgers in awhile..

Variable 46

No, I don't think eating meat is barbaric. I think it's delicious.


No, I don't think eating meat is "barbaric." I think anyone who feels this way is pretty self-righteous, and I have a far more negative opinion of that person than any person who eats meat.


No I don't. I only eat meat, nuts and dairy (mostly rib steaks). Have for years and I have a mandatory medical every year. The doc said on the last one that my cholesterol levels are that of a teenager and to keep on doing what I'm doing. I've never salivated over a plate of vegetables!

Weasel McWeasel

Anemic people are told by their doctors to eat more red meat. Not fond of the way the food chain works, but damn sure not about to give up Steak Fiorentina, either, so I can salads and bean curd. Screw that.

forever honest#1

I don’t see how eating meat is barbaric. This is the real world. You know.


Plants are also living beings and do a lot to sustain life. So how is it any better? You cant interact with a plant? You got some learning to do if you think that.

retired old sarge

ONLY.. IF it bites me when I bite it.


I eat very little meat these days and some days have totally meat free days and others where I'll have a small amount of meat of some kind - maybe a chicken drumstick or just one sausage or a small piece of bacon whereas I used to have a quarter of a chicken, or two pork chops or 3 fat sausages etc with my vegetables. I had no specific reason for changing my diet, I just suddenly did not want to eat very much meat but I don't think I could cope with a completely vegetarian diet. Maybe I just feel that my body needs certain nutrients only found in meat.

Vampire Of My Own Heart

Eating? No. The method in which the animal is killed? Yes.

Emily Rose

No. If everyone was like you then animals that were meant to be eaten would overpopulate the earth.


Nope. But it sure is delicious.

ღ Pαη∂αα 💋

No, just in the way humans waste and over-consume animal product and how we go about getting it. I don't judge though, since not everyone can go meat free. I tried going vegan for almost a year a couple years ago and learned I am quite sensitive to many vegan protein sources, among other foods. Soy products, Quorn, beans, lentils, chickpeas, etc. It wasn't healthy for my body since it kept making me sick. I'm back to meats now but am more sensible about my portion sizes.