What should I bring in for my project?

I'm in independent living and we must make a poster The teacher says we'll be given extra credit if we bring in a ' prop' to go along with it. My poster is on vitamins, and eating a vegan diet. Basically talking about why to go vegan and how to properly get vitamins on it. What food should I bring in? Something that isn't messy. Should I bring in something sweet? Or something savory? I don't know what to bring.. I don't think it needs to be healthy as one kid is bringing in energy drinks. The teacher said there's no rules as long as we put a label about food allergies on whatever we bring. No hate please, I'm not trying to be preechy or whatever I'm just doing this for school


a veggie tray is perfect, doesn't need refrigeration and is vegan, healthy and most anyone can eat them


Bring in some dried legumes (black beans, garbanzo beans, pinto beans, or lentils) AND some uncooked brown rice. Because as a vegan, MOST of your daily protein will come from eating legumes-with-rice. Everyone knows vegans eat vegetables, but most people don't understand how the vegan gets their required daily protein.


The ideal prop might be a dish of roasted root vegetables you have prepared. Or a tray of veggies ready to roast. Something about carrots, potatoes and beets is most appealing.


Teriyaki beef jerky


Get some medicinal herb that grows in your house side.


Try sweets.


A slice of wind and a fried snowball.