Why should i become a vegan?



You shouldn't. There's no point in becoming vegan unless you want to become more occupied with what you eat. It takes a lot more time, money, and effort to plan a vegan diet. You're going to have to start taking a lot of specific supplements and eating more varied foods. It's not worth it. I have a sibling who was vegan for 10 years, and he developed heart complications due to inadequate nutrition and especially low calcium. A lot of young people get into veganism without a plan and end up depriving themselves of essential nutrients only to regret it later.


You shouldn't. Not until you become pretty expert at nutritional needs and how to meet them on a vegan diet. If you like beans and rice you will be a happy vegan.


because YOU think its wrong to kill and eat other animals & use animal based products. thats it.


If you don't have a reason then don't do it


If you do it, do it because you want to, don't do it based on the lies vegans tell about health benefits or saving animals


If you need to ask that question of strangers then you shouldn't.

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Is no good reason for such a bad choice of diet.


You shouldn't


You shouldn't


So you can feel hungry and have a very limited diet. While the rest of us enjoy a full menu and stomach. Don't worry though you get the benefit of ridding a high horse. You can look down on others from it and proclaim your moral superiority.


Only if you want to, and for no other reason. Don't do it because you have fallen for propaganda.


only you can answer that.


You want a strict lifestyle and a strict... Restrictive diet.


WHY? Answer that first, but those in the know do understand the choice on this matter. People have their FUBAR thinking on what Vegan truly is.


No need unless you want to, the claimed health and environmental benefits are at best greatly exaggerated, and at worse totally false. Only if you feel very strongly about killing animals for food should you contemplate it, even then lactovegetarian might be a better option. You could always try a veg[etari]an diet and stay on it if you want to after say, a few weeks, and then decide if you want to keep to it long term. do so, otherwise revert to an omnivorous diet. and, don't forget, you could change back at any time, even after years or decades. it can be quite difficult to get certain micronutrients on a vegan diet [it is generally less problematic on a lactovegetarian diet]. You could always compromise and go flexitarian, the low-meat diet. This can be anywhere on a spectrum, from flexitarian with a tendency to omnivorous, for instance, if you keep up your Sunday roast and perhaps fish once a week and eat vegetarian the rest of the week. At the opposite end of the spectrum would be a flexitarian diet with a tendency towards vegetarian, which means, eating vegetarian [even vegan] most of the time but allow yourself meat or fish on special occasions such as Christmas or Easter, or birthdays/anniversaries or when eating with others to avoid causing embarrassment, offence or difficulty.,


Why not? It doesn't hurt anything to try it. You can always stop being a vegan anytime you want. We aren't vegans, but we did cut our family grocery bill by about 20% by eating a lot less meat. We're saving about $25 a week. $25 x 52 = $1,300. That $1.3K will be mighty handy when our next vacation rolls around. And it's not like anybody feels like there's a big sacrifice being made.


Because it's trendy. So go with the trend, enjoy the fad and when it's over go have a great steak and get your strength back.


Because vegetables are good for you!


That is your choice. I do not feel the need to talk you into anything.


it is better for you, animals and the environment


it's better for you, animals and the environment

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Vegan diets are better for the environemnt than meat.


Better for the animals, your health and environment.


Vegans pretty much choose veganism because they feel strongly about animal rights. but there are many other good reasons. Nowadays lots of people choose a vegan diet because of health or environmental reasons.


Because you want to. There's no health reason. You won't save a single animals life, or the planet. You won't automatically lose weight. You will have to eat manufactured supplements because the vegan diet is incomplete. The only reason to be vegan is if you think it's wrong to kill and eat other animals.


Because its good for the environment, your health and animal welfare, I'm not vegan personally but I'm pretty sure that's why most people go vegan.