Is it better toclose your eyes when riding a roller coaster/any high amusement ride, or keep them open?

cuz everytime i go ob a ride i tend to always clise my etes cuz im scared.


Sack up, and keep those eyes open. The whole point of a roller coaster IS the terrifying rush you get from flying through the air at incredible speeds, and being whipped around at various angles. The best part is when you conquer your fears, and realize it was so fun you want to do it again.

Jake No Chat

Better to keep your eyes open to better enable the full thrill of the ride to be experienced. If you wanna close your eyes, that is okay, but I think you miss part of the thrill.


Close them. The reason a lot of people feel sick in cars and on roller-coasters is because your body is still, but your eyes tell you you're moving, so it confuses your brain and makes you ill. So if you close your eyes, they aren't telling you anything, so it should stop you from feeling sick. Although it might not help everyone.