1 cent bets vs 50 cent bets with $10 does it matter which you play?



the one cent vs 50 cent bets are PER LINE and usually you would wanna bet multiple lines on a slot machine. So betting 40 lines on a penny slot is a 40 cent wager. Your money will last longer if you play the penny slots.


Depends on the casino and how loose or how tight its particular slots are. Bottom line is, only play what you can afford to lose. If you are betting the rent money or Junior's school money, you are headed for deep doo.

John F

If you are in a real live casino, there is no such thing as a 1 cent bet. The penny slots usually require you to make a multi-coin bet, which is usually something like 40 cents. If you can actually bet one penny, then obviously your $10 will last longer before you lose it all.

I Love Pigeons and Hate People

You're never going to win much betting a penny, doesn't matter how many spins you get, 1 cent bets will get you no where. 50 cent bets you have a chance at winning up to maybe 300 bucks. The more spins the more the house wins, another reason to bet larger.


Not if only bottom feeders are involved.