If you won millions in the Lottery would you keep it a secret our tell Everyone in your family?



i mean they would find out considering i would buy myself two homes at 16 (one to rent out and one for me and if it was over £100Million i would just stop school right now) and i would tell them but i ain’t giving none of it away, unless if they actually need it. so i would tell my close family (mum, dad, siblings) and if anyone asks i would say yes, but if they don’t then i don’t feel the need to pry


Keep it a secret, family might take advantage over you


I wouldn't it my business and i would keep the money to myself lottery winners go broke After 7 to 10 years because most give there money Away whos Going to pay your bills when you dont have Anymore money left you owe no one Anything


If you didn't want everyone, family, friends, even people you don't know. to bother you continually for money, then you will want to keep it a secret or you move to where you can't be found. I would want to keep it a secret as much as possible so I could still live my life.


Let u know when i win Thanks


Family would pester the snot out of you; best keep it a secret.




As much as I would like to unless you plan on just watching it in the bank it would be impossible for your family to not figure out something is going on. A lot of states do force you accept the winnings publicly which doesn't help either. Regardless if I won the lottery it doesn't mean I need to be a liar too. I think being honest is better. If they get upset because you won't share it's on them at that point.


I would share with my family. My kids have kids so they can use it more than I can.


It’s illegal to keep lottery winnings secret in my state. If they read the papers, they’d know I won.


I'd have to play the lottery first. And I see no reason to


I would consult with lawyer. If I claimed the prize in my name it would be made public, but I think by donating the unsigned ticket to a foundation/charity I could keep my name secret. I believe that way I could share money with those I care most about without them knowing the source of the funds.