Is true that an even mixture of raw honey & apple cider vinegar rubbed on the area of a cyst or lipoma on the skin will cause it to go away?

have what looks like a swollen mosquito or bite (which is what I thought it was originally) on the very center of my upper back and I was curious what it was after a few weeks. as it was not sore and did not itch, but just felt like maybe a wart or something forming, and I looked at in the mirror and it looks like a swollen area about the size of what you would expect a large mosquito bite to be maybe? and was worried, so looked online and see that it seems like it might be a "limpoma" or "cyst" on the skin and they are not dangerous and can reduce them with apple cidar vinegar and honey? how this would work and what else would recommend? why? I HAVE GAINED ABOUT 30 LB.S THIS PAST YEAR, SO WAS WONDERING HOW LIKELY THAT HAD SOMETHING TO DO WITH IT....? WILL GO AWAY NATURALLY MAYBE IF LOSE WEIGHT AGAIN?


No, that will not help.


There are some stupid sites around. Rotten apples and honey cannot cure anything. go to your doctor.


no, it won't work

Ghost Of Christmas Past

Vinegar and honey might make it taste nice, but their medicinal properties are overrated. If you think it may be a lymphoma, see a doctor.

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no, it won't work. you can try it and see for yourself that it will be a waste of time and effort.