Running my fingers across blanket, see tons of sparking bolts of static electricity in the dark. How to remove unhealthy static from self?

Have heard People carry lots of static electricity, but that it doesn't shock til... 200 volts or something. How.unhealthy is it, can it be in the body and how remove it


dryer sheets remove static!


This is a real issue, because people think that static electricity is harmless, but the truth is the static electricity in the long run leads to joint pain in the Knees. This happens if you ground the static electricity from your body to the ground through your legs, that is by stepping bare foot on the floor. Instead You should ground your static electricity to the ground by touching your both hands to the ground. Usually Most static electricity is generated throughout the night when were are sleeping in the bed. So in the morning when we wake up we must first touch both our hands on to the floor and take blessings from the Mother Earth. By this way we are respecting the mother nature as well as we are grounding the static electricity generated in our body. This is the system followed in India from thousand's of years and continuing to the future thousands of years to come. Hope you will find out more about this from your further curiosity & research.


Its from the dry air caused by the furnace running. Run a humidifier in your bedroom. Its totally harmless.

Pearl L

i dont think you'll get electrocuted by a blanket


you got remove that electricity from your body, it aint no good!


Static electricity is create by dry fibers, especially synthetic fibers. Get rid of synthetic fibers. Use cotton, linen, and wool. A humidifier also helps.


This sort of static electricity is harmless. You generate it by rubbing your hands on a blanket or shuffling your feet on the carpet. This effect is more common in the winter because the air is dry. Moist air tends to diffuse away the charge before it has a chance to build up. People can build up a negative charge in their body (different from static electricity). The best way to get rid of it is to ground yourself by walking barefoot outside. Since this really isn't practical in the winter, you can drive a grounding rod into the earth or just hold on to bare plumbing pipes for a minute.

Ed Gein Jr.

Yes, very unhealthy. Static electricity contains the bad electrons that interact negatively with your brain's neurons, causing retardation. The best fix is to tie a 2/0 gauge copper wire to your feet and bury it at least eight feet into the Earth.