Will it hurt/damage my brain/nervous system and testicles if I shake/push my scrotum/testicles gently continously for many times?

I noticed that my left testicle doesn't have the vein/spermatic cord obvioysly visible like the right testicle so I used wet wipes to shake/push my scrotum/testicles gently to the front continously for many times to examine/check and see whether the spetmatoc cord/veins of the left testicle will become visible/pronounced by moving/pushing it to the front (nearer to my eye) so that I can see clearer. This made me quite paranoid/non stop worry that what I have done hurt/damage my brain/nervous system/feel different and not so good/healthy and also hurt my testicles. Can you guys convince me that the action of shaking/pushing my testicles is totally harmless/didn't hurt or damage anything?


Worrying about it obviously does more damage to your nervous system than gently manipulating your testes. Testicles move around all the time. They are pretty good at it. Your testicles are NOT identical. One will be dominant. It MAY have more veins or more obvious tubes than the other one. This is O.K. Stop worrying about it.


Should be harmless. No idea why you'd need wet wipes to handle your own scrotum. Can't give yourself a disease.

Max Hoopla

It already has.


no it won't

ron h

no, doing that would indicate that your brain / nervous system is already damaged. So the nut punching would be a symptom, not a cause.


It wont damage your brain (the nerves can heal back if you mess them up). It probably wont mess up much...