Does picking your skin cause myopia?

I've been picking my skin since 11. I have always changed for stronger glasses til at 22 my myopia has been stabilizing at 4 and 3. I was wondering if it was my fault for picking up my skin or if it was not correlated. I've been picking my arms for like minutes per day (one day yes, a few days no, and repeat) since I was a 12. I have an OCD. Please take my answer seriously I'm not joking. I've been having depression and hypochondria and lately I started to think that the myopia couls be my fault.

Mark IX

Are you seriously asking if picking your skin can affect your eyes? Please be a troll, I find it hard to imagine anyone this stupid could function in modern society.


Omg I have the same problem. I always pick my skin. But picking your skin does not have anything to do with your eyes... idk why you would think that....


no it doesn't


For the last time - NO.


As far as we are aware of, there is currently no correlation with picking your skin and myopia


I've never heard or read that it does. Me and my two sisters have myopia. I sometimes wonder if my mother's chain smoking was the cause. My mother wasn't myopic though.