Used tea bag in the flower garden?

I have a decent size flower bed but 12 roses, 50 daylily, 200 oriental lily and some hollyhocks and Shasta daisy and so much more. I was told to dump used tea bag in the garden during the winter. They say it’s good for the soil and earthworms. I mostly use Lipton tea and some other brand. Is that a good idea?


If your soil is slightly alkaline it won't hurt - tea leaves themselves are slightly acidic and roses like their soil a little on the sour side. Don't know about the earthworms however.

Ghost Of Christmas Past

It helps. A better idea is to compost your teabags, vegetable peelings, any fruit and salad waste and dead leaves from the garden, then top dress your flowers with the compost. A huge compost heap is the best idea, but you can compost small quantities in a heavy duty bin liner.


I sometimes will open up the tea bag and sprinkle the tea lightly over the soil before I know it's going to rain.

Mr. P

Yes I have been doing this for years with tea and coffee grounds. It is excellent as a mulch around roses - you don't even need to dig it in - just bury them with it and they love it! It is important though to let the tea bags dry out on a rack for a few days, then empty the contents into a tub until you have enough to go out. The bags themselves don't decompose so they go in the trash. Sometimes I put the rack in a cooling oven after dinner to dry them out faster. - it's free heat so may as well use it. I already have a worm bin for kitchen scraps, a compost bin for lawn clippings and garden waste, but the tea and coffee is good straight on. Also if you brew coffee in a caffittiere - just slosh it out on the flower beds, then rinse. I do this every week so season doesn't matter.