Builder let water from roof run into HVAC unit causing it to freeze up. Is that freezing normal?

I am building a new house and the HVAC units were installed but the gutters weren't on the house yet. During the winter, a lot of water ran off the house into the system, freezing it up on the inside. I discovered the unit "on" and trying to run but making a noise with the house cold. They told me to cut off the system. I asked if this caused damage to the unit or compressor if the fan had been attempting to run for hours and was told it was fine now that it thawed. I asked why this happened if the unit was running and hot nd has a defrost mode. They told me it was so much water from the roof, but HVAC units are outside and take rain all day. They said I still have the warranty but I'm thinking a company won't cover water damage due to the gutters. Now that we have gutters, they said not to worry about any damage, it's fine. Am I being overly concerned about this situation? Is this normal? Thanks.

Spock (rhp)

ya, i think you're worrying too much. the compressor is designed to take a pounding in weather, including freezing sleet


It's no different than if it had rained.


Nope, not normal, but then again. System are designed for the regions they are in. If you are in an area where the weather is not acting typical, within the norm. Then problems may result.


The moisture didn't come from the roof. It is called WEATHER, and the outside unit is EXPECTED to deal with WEATHER.


the unit should not have been set under the roof line regardless if you have gutters. there is always a possibility of ice coming off the roof and damaging the unit if your in a cold climate. rain water wont normally damage anything. I think your heatpump is not working normally and frosting up without defrosting normally. You might have a refrigerant leak.