How can I fix my microwave quicker??

Ive literally not eaten properly in days coz my oven broke down a couple weeks back and I haven't got around to getting a new one since I can't afford delivery on one... and I'm planning on moving house soon too so there's no point living by myself... anyway earlier I bought a chilli con carne microwave meal & 3 mins into cooking it the mains switched off and now every time I turn my microwave on it cuts the mains off... I'm guessing condensation got into it because prior to cooking the chilli con carne I microwaved a cup of water and wiped it down inside so I've gotta now wait till it drys to use it but yeah is there any way to speed it up coz I really want this chilli con carne it has my name all over it....

Spock (rhp)

no way to speed it up. i didn't foresee the humidity damaging the microwave, either. you might try unplugging everything else on the same circuit and the microwave again ...


It's actually true, dumb people really do get stupider by the minute in this trolls lineage. Take your pitiful chilli con carne to the local gas station or 7-11 to warm up your vittles lol.


The microwave is broken. They are not worth fixing. Get a new one.