Sure! My petite friends like wearing pantyhose under their pants and jeans because it s comfortable!?


Karen J

Actually I think there are still some women of every shape and size that wear pantyhose under their pants and jeans. I'm average sized and do it pretty often.


Thanks for sharing, now what is your question?


I even saw some commercials showing women wearing pantyhose under their pants and jeans! In fact Susan Gallagher became a successful model after she made some pantyhose commercials wearing the sheer pantyhose under her pants! (Susan is just 5'3". She and 5'3" Janice Attwood were honored in 2009 for being the first dominant petite models! Janice stated in The Complete Petite she likes wearing pantyhose under her pants!)


Neither jeans or pantyhose are comfortable. I'm 4'11".