Brexiters what is a sovereign-right? When we loose the right to trade freely within the EU,will that be the lose of a sovereign-right?

The word is very ambiguous. "Sovereign a supreme ruler,a monarch" But the queen hasn't lost any of her privileges or rights to the EU.To the contrary, she has done very well, especially from the EU's common framing policies. And we will still be a monarchy after April.


Sovereign does not necessarily have anything to do with monarch. It can also refer to 'possessing supreme or ultimate power'. We do not have a sovereign right to trade with someone who does not want to trade with us. We do have a sovereign right to decide if we want to be ruled by a undemocratic, unfriendly, pan-Eurpoean would-be superpower.


EU is a jumped up non governmental private initiative with no mandate it got in through the back door by false pretenses


So you don't understand how the UK government works. Must be a Remoaner.


You misunderstand what a sovereign right is. It has nothing to do with the monarchy of the UK or any other country. Sovereign rights are state rights, (the rights of any individual country), enabling it to work for its own people. Legally sovereign rights are distinct from proprietary rights which are the rights of individual people. That's all. No need to even mention HM Queen.


Sovereign right merely means the 'State' has the ability to decide something for itself. We will still have the right to trade freely with EU, but under WTO rules. In other words any of those 5 EU Presidents (yes there are 5 different EU Presidents?) cannot decide the rules of engagement. No individual in UK voted for any of those 5 Presidents, 1 of which Mario Draghi of the European Central Bank, has to do what the German Bankers in Frankfurt say, and currently one of the giant German Banks 'Deutcshe Bank' is near to collapse? Meanwhile anyone living in UK will not be aware that France comes to a standstill every weekend, because the Biased Broadcasting Corporation, doesn't cover the Gilet Jaune demonstrations? One of your Sovereign Rights that EU blocks, by agreement with some Remoaners?


We won't Did you not listen to Sir Nigel Farage on Wednesday at Strasbourg? he hit the nail right on the head...


sovereign right is for dictators like Saudi Arabia that chops peoples heads off and we kiss their feet for money its to avoid duties like human rights like Henry V111 you can do what you want that's sovereign right like Theresa May totally incompetent yet we must all die with her


no - sovereign right allows parliament to set up trade agrements with other countries it does not give any right to compel that country to abide by that agreement Being part of the EU the UK had a right to trade with any country in the EU irrespective of sovereign-right when it leaves if now has to set up its own agreements


You would have lost Ireland. That is unacceptable.


Yes of course. They are only 'sovereign rights' to apply for trade agreements, not to be granted them.


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DGH is back !

As other members say quite correctly,a "Sovereign right" is different to the King or Queen of a country. It refers it the independent and free right of a member of the UN to conduct their own affairs without being told what to by any foreign court. As Elizabeth 1st said "No foreign Prince would dare to invade my Realm"


when we "lose", not loose.

Verulam: https There are other websites. Sovereign doesn't have to mean of the Queen. We are a sovereign nation which means a nation of it's own rights - not ruled over by another nation as was starting to happen when 'under Brussels'!!

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Perhaps it means we'll lose our sovereignty within the European Union because we won't be a member.