Why did so many people dislike Amanda Knox? (Did /Does she just have that face that one just wants to slap? why? how?)?

she looked like the fake, prententious, selfish, American that so many hate over there right? but how true? she was at least sadistic and selfish enough to accuse her black employer over there of the crime, just because he had cut her hours for waitress. and she was so inconsiderate as to think it would be a funny, twisted sadistic amusement that she could laugh about later with her American friends? I MEAN THE POLICE REALLY HATED HER AND SO DID MANY PEOPLE WHO WERE READING ABOUT HER? HER ROOM MATES DIDNT LIKE HER. BUT JUST CUURIOUS, WHAT WAS IT ABOUT HER AND THE WAY SHE "CARRIED HERSELF" THAT MADE SO MANY DISLIKE HER? CAN EXPLAIN?

robert x

does anyone ever like a scheming manipulative liar?


Like or dislike her ,it is obvious to any rational person now, that the Italian police and judicial system, simply came up with a scenario that fitted their own prejudices and misconceptions as to what had happened -- and then set out to make her guilty of it .. She was treated outrageously


I followed that story from the beginning and never thought for a moment she was guilty. It was quite clear the African did it. CRIME = BLACK MAN.

she seemed fake, extremely ,self centered but I think MAINLY she also was very arrogant/condescending in a subtle way


Don't know who she is.


The media portrayed her that way.