Did the detectives & prosecutors really have enough evidence/reason to arrest O.J. Simpson on June 13th 1994?

why they did or not and what most likely would have happened if they did arrest him after his initial questioning/interrogation on June 13th 1994? would he just have bailed out immediately? WHY THEY WAITED? and do agree with Mark Furhman that that should have been much more aggressive with him during the first interrogation and arrested him and charged him for the murders? why? what was the tactical reasons for NOT doing that?>


I think they could have, but then he would have just bailed out and that would have done nothing except make him more uncooperative. they wanted to handle him carefully and not give any reason to "blow the prosecutions chances of a guilty verdict " . plus they wanted to watch him probably as part of their further investigation. being too aggressive with a well known public figure like O.J. would have been a mistake. (they knew he could not hide for very long if he ran)


OJ Simpson is so overrated