Why do people get angry if you call an 18 year old a teenager?

Kevin Spacey is all over the news for assaulting an 18 year old boy in a bar (which is illegal under 21). On Yahoo news people are saying he's a man not a boy and he's not a teenager. Since when has eighTEEN not been a TEENager?


He's a man AND a teenager. He's a teenager man Not a boy.


but if not call teenager,what should they be called


The man in the current case lied about his age to spacey, and was drinking under age. In legal terms at 18 one is an adult. Thus he is a young man, no longer a minor.

Richard D

Depends on who they are. Look, who cares? Eighteen confers significant rights of adulthood.


Honestly, all the news concerning Spacey that I've seen focus on his felony actions, and the outrage is on Spacey irregardless of his victim's age. Actually, he's accused of assaulting minors as well, so I fail to see any reason to really get upset. Some people do get mad that eighteen year olds are called teenagers, though a lot of people still refer to them as "kids" even if they have adult responsibilities. Really, it's a transitional period in today's society so those people should just chill.


18 is a man where I live but also a teenager, anyway assault is a scummy act

Jake No Chat

They do not know the new math, if it has "teen" on the end of the number, it is a teenager.


It's annoying. But that word TEEN at the end of eighteen, still makes you an older teen in some ways, but with "adult responsibilities". Weird how that works. Haha!


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Yeah I don't know. He's literally a teen. Just not 14, like the last one.


I am assuming because they want to consider 18-year olds adults.


He is a teenager. But he's also an adult. You can be both simultaneously. As an adult he is responsible for his own actions and behaviors and subject to the law. It doesnt matter if he is a teenager.


I don't know anyone personally who gets angry over that. But to address your example about Spacey specifically, yes, an 18 year old in the US is legally an adult in every aspect except for being able to purchase alcohol (must be 21).

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Of course anyone between 13 and 19 has to be a "teenager" But someone 18 is a young man not a boy. In the UK 18 is the age to drink.


He was of legal age to work in a bar. Is a private on patrol in Afghanistan a teenager?


18 still is a teen, eight teen legally he's a adult but until you are 26 u are still a youth