How to get rid of birds on my property?

On occasion we see birds in the backyard, in our trees, grass, etc. Kids seem to get a kick out of them but I've never been fond of the species. Mouse traps? I can't edit my original question but ignore the part about mouse traps


You could mix rat poison with seeds, but then you will have to clean them all up, just have garbage bags ready, or hope they fly off to a neighbours house of something

The First Dragon

Get a fake owl, vulture, or hawk. It should be life-sized. You can buy fake great horned owls lots of places. They are life sized and look realistic. If the birds realize it's fake, it may not work so well, so you have to move it now and then. Or you can get one that has a bobble head or eyes that look like they move, which would be more convincing. I have seen fake vultures and hawks for sale too. One thing I've seen is the silhouette of a hawk in flight, and you mount it on a string held aloft by a pole or something; it will move in the wind, so it looks more realistic, but it should be pretty high. Birds are naturally afraid of predators - so are squirrels. If the birds are one of the less intelligent species, you can try hanging CDs and/or shiny tape around - they sell scare tape for birds also. CDs work because of the holographic effects.


They are just birds. Move on


So you don't like the birds. I would wonder if it is not the quality of birds. Conditions can lead to a dominance by obnoxious predatory birds, noisy, dirty, etc.? But if you study up on it you can attract a better class of bird and maybe you will turn into a bird lover after all. As for ridding the property of birds altogether, I would submit that that is impossible without you build a dome over your head. I would think a gun would be the most satisfying method of execution. Could you set up a scare crow.? There are probably sound system to repel birds.