How do cats feel about sleeping at night without their owners?

My whole family are planning to go on vacation for three weeks and we have two cats. My parents have a friend that is going to visit them once a day but not going to stay for the night, I feel a little bit guilty for leaving them for that long and we considered leaving them to a pet sitter or a pet daycare but my parents told me that it will cost us a lot. So I was just wondering how would our pets feel. Thank you in advance!


As a life long cat and dog owner... your cats will be fine. My current cat has free access to the house night and day. Even being the big 12 kg loveable boofhead that he is, there are days that I rarely see him except for meals. Cats are different from dogs. Very independent.


After we get back from a trip my cat comes out of nowhere after a few hours or a day, but once we let him inside, he is so purry and happy!! So dont feel guilty. U will be loved by them when u get back!


They'll say "**** you" and leave and find someone else to feed them.


Honestly they will be fine. Luckily you have two of them and they will be great company for each other. Food and clean water, plus clean toileting facilities are their priorities. Most cats feel more comfortable in their own homes. If they have to go to a cattery or pet hotel, they are in strange surroundings, usually caged and looked after by strangers. So don't worry about them. I'm sure your parents have asked a responsible friend to look after them. One thing though. When you get back they might ignore you for a short while. Whilst a dog will treat you as a returning hero, cats quickly get used to someone new feeding them, and will quite often treat you as they would a stranger when you return. But that soon passes and they will be back to normal.


I always used to cat sit for friends, go to their house daily, visit the cats, plwyeith them, hsve some fin, attention and loving and he cats seemed to do fine. I also left the tv on and the radio in a different room so there was human voice and sounds so they were not in a totally deafeningly quiet house. Nine of the cats stopped eating, none of them csme running for me. Desperately looking for affection, it was always oh It's you. And then they would come around to play but they especially got their tinned food.


Cats only think in a very minimal & basic way, usually individual neurotrasmitters in their brain 'are' their thoughts and feelings, so they have eat, toilet, play, fight, run, etc.. they do have emotions which gives them senses of fear though & cats get depressed without their owners.. however it depends on your cats if I'm honest... as long as they've got someone else to suffice they will probably not bridge the gap between them not being you & infact as long as they get enough time with humans etc they might just go the whole 3 weeks without it occurring... whereas humans say hmm this feels strange (And we quickly figure it out) cats more or less don't know exactly what they're thinking.. (even tho it would be a feeling of strangeness)


Cats are nocturnal.


Pay your parent's friend to spent 1.5 - 2 hours a day with them. Feed 'em, change the kitty litter and lavish attention on them twice a day, morning and evening. As long as they see someone around they should be fine.


They didn't really care unless it's for a long time and then they get confused


I would have the pet sitter go in twice a day, otherwise they will not be being fed enough, at night they will sleep a bit and play a bit like they do when you are there.

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