Why my cat doesn't put his front left paw on the floor?

2 days ago I took my kitty to vaccinate him. He has been laming since then. But he cannot put his left paw on the floor. I don't get why should his vaccination do such a thing to him. He is indoor. And hasn't been climbed anywhere. Hasn't been fell down. Is it normal?


It may or may not have anything to do with the vaccination, but you should take your cat to the vets to find out


This is not normal. Is it a back leg or a front leg? The vaccine may have hit a nerve or caused some other damage. At the very least they may want to try a pain medication for a couple of days.


Call the vet and report his symptoms to the receptionist, who will either advise you or ask the vet. It's common for pain in the limb on the side of the vaccine, but that should be gone by now. Call and see what they say.


No, take the cat to the vet!

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I would go back to the vet immediately with these questions.