How to entertain a cat?

I have a new cat which due to unfortunate circumstances (her jew being completely broken and stitched up due to car accident) has to stay inside the house for at least a month. At first he was very scared of his new surroundings but he's starting to loosen up and let me pet him. However the only things he finds interesting is either climbing my desk and breaking things or clawing the furniture. Since I sadly cannot allow him to do any of those, he just sleeps now all day and it looks really sad. I gave him few stuffed mouse toys but he just ignores them. Is there any way I can play with this cat or do something he finds interesting?


Play a porn video. Your cat will surely be fascinated by that, especially the bestiality type of video.


Do a soft shoe tap dance.


Have you gotten him a cat tree? Cat toys? Are you saying be broke his jaw from being hit by a car from being outside and you are going to let him outside again? He could get killed next time. Buy/make him the things he needs to keep busy and keep him inside.


Get a feather on a string type of toy, or a feather on a stick. Give him some prey that moves around to hunt. Get him up and moving. This type of play uses all of his natural skills. The stuffed muse toys don't move, they aren't much fun to play with. Get different types of toys too, not just the mice. Get some that are made of different materials that make different noises, some with bells, some with catnip, try different combinations. Each cat is an individual. Look in the cat toy aisle at a pet store and pick out some fun toys he might like. You also need to give him a proper place to scratch. He likes your sofa, so that means he likes standing up to scratch. Get a tall scratching post and put it near your sofa arm. If he likes catnip, put some catnip on the scratching post. Be sure to provide lots of different type of scratchers, cats need to stretch their toes and scratching is one way to do it.


Drag a small scrap of cloth across the floor on a length of string. Few cats can resist attacking the item as it brings out the hunter in them.


Poor baby. Get him some cat nip toys and a laser pen. Let him cuddle in your bedroom