Do you feed your dogs any human food?



As treats only




Yes. She would eat her dog food first and then we would save her a bite of our leftovers as a treat. When we get our next dog, I plan on making homemade food for the dog and/or feeding raw.


Sometimes, but NOT from the human table. Any suitable human foodstuff is mixed in with my dogs daily rations of dog food. Now and then I will give him a boiled egg. And I admit.....I gave him a sausage roll yesterday.


Human grade food, Yes. I feed raw and bone


Why would I feed my dog human food? I wouldn't eat his dogfood.


yes i feed him meat,but raw meat.

old fart

I always did.


Sometimes. My pit bull and my cat like McDonald’s French fries and their burgers so when I get them I give them a couple fries and a small piece of the burger.


yes that's why they never got sick


just not chocolate


Yes, once in a while as a variety. Dogs should mainly eat their own food to get all the nutritients.


When my mother and i had 2 labs, she always fed them tons of human food. It irritated me, and still does to this day because the dogs were overweight and unhealthy. They were amazing dogs too, i loved them so much. I wish i could've given them better, longer, healthier, happier, lives.

☆Little Helper☆

A little as a treat if it's ok to share.


As a treat, and not while we are eating. Once dinner was cleaned up, my dogs would always have the leftover veggies (generally a tablespoon at most) and perhaps the last bite of chicken. This would go into their evening meal, and never, ever from the table or during the meal. It made a nice treat, was healthy, and did not encourage begging nor keep them from eating their (quality) kibble dinner. Dogs as a rule should neither be fed from the table nor given a diet of human food.


Some. They'll get eggs, chicken, steak, turkey, some types of fish. My Husky is partial to salmon, he stole some from the countertop when I first got him.


Yes. But only as treats. Mine also have poached chicken breast and rice (more usually mashed potato as rice goes everywhere) when they've had an uncomplicated digestive upset. Mine also have a hard cooked egg, but only very occasionally.


Yup, all the leftovers that dogs enjoy are incorporated into their daily feeding regimen. They love it. When there aren't any leftovers, they tend to not eat their regular food.

dorothy s

Food is food. If you introduce so called human food into a dogs diet it will protect them. Dogs are natural scavengers.Consequently if they eat something that they find in an off leash/lead and eat it, it will upset them. I cook extra when I cook my evening meal. Their evening meal consists of dog food (they did not like a raw diet which I would prefer). Then after they eat their dog food, I give them the extra's which I have cooked. Thankfully they don't beg for food when I am eating.


Its best to feed your dogs proper dog food, with the occasional treat (sausage, steak etc). Chocolate is a big no no, and try avoid strong human food. Such as Chinese food :)

latcho dives

Not unless you consider what they catch and bring to me for our mutual consumption no.. my dogs do not get cooked food. That they provide for us all they either catch their own or we share and i simply cook my part wherever we are sitting for the night.


I know people who feed their dogs raw but a lot goes into to it for a healthy diet. Do some research on raw diets. I feed mine eggs/grits time to time but mostly keep it dry.

MrDomino: yes you can but dont feed chocolate

yes you can but dont feed chocolate :-)