What are the best outdoor activities to do with a dog?



That all mostly depends on the dog and its breed. There are loads of things to do outdoors with a dog. 1; Walking it. 2;Playing games with it eg: Fetch. Tuggy. Chase. 3: Tracking . 4: Searching. 5: Agility 6: Swimming. 7: Cart pulling; 8: Sledging. 9; Jogging 10: Dock jumping 11; Herding 12:Racing 13: Train for a dog sport and/ or obedience. 14; Hunting for rabbits etc. As I said, some outdoor activities depend on the breed of the dog and what it is happy doing and whats it is capable of doing. Most dogs enjoy a good walk "off lead" in the woods and fields over any other activity, where they can just be dogs, and do what dogs love to do.

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Depends on the dog and the time of year. If your dog WILL NOT FETCH, then retrieving a ball or canvas dummy would be a bad answer...for you. But if you dog will retrieve, land and water retrieves (the latter esp. in hot summer) are good forms of exercise, as is a game of frisbee. If you have heavy snow where you are = skijoring is a good option. If you do not have snow (just colder weather ) outdoor agility training, herding classes, lure coursing or tracking are options.

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In my case herding me being a shepherd an all


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