What kind of dog can a be service dogs?


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An intelligent, calm one. Most often used are Labrador Retrievers. But you don't need a service dog because you're not disabled.

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Extremely placid dogs that are trained to an exceedingly high standard.

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Any breed "can" be... but certain breeds tend to have a higher success rate. Depends also on what type of task the dog needs to do. Small dogs cant really be guide dogs or mobility assistance dogs.. But often make good medical alert dogs.


one that goes through service dog training from 8 weeks of age from specific organizations that train them.


Depends largely on the tasks required. For example, a small dog cannot be a guide dog or mobility assistance dog. The individual dog must have an extremely stable temperament, be handler-oriented, and be very trainable. Some breeds tend to be better for the work than others.

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Under the ADA, any breed of dog can be a service dog. The ideal service dog is loyal, attentive and eager to please. High energy dogs are more difficult to train as service dogs, and some high energy dogs are just too easily distracted to make the cut. While accepting food rewards readily can make a dog easier to train, some dogs are too easily distracted by food to make effective service dogs. These characteristics are dog by dog and not inherent to any one breed. Large breeds make better mobility and guide dogs. Medium breeds are best for handlers who travel a lot, yet also rely on their dogs for retrieval tasks and de-escalation therapies. Small breeds are ideal for small homes, and make excellent psychiatric and medical alert dogs.


What kind of service dog? Medical alert and hearing alert dogs are often small mixed breeds that show the aptitude for that type of thing. The other types of service dogs are specially bred for the task - most often they are Labradors or mixes of golden retrievers and Labradors, or full bred standard poodles (yes, you read that right). You don't see the once-usual German Shepherd much any more, as they are at risk of hip and joint issues and are extremely expensive to breed due to this. I have two friends who are puppy raisers - most of the pups they have both had in the past 10 years are either full bred labs (generally yellow or black as they do not have the skin issues the chocolate ones can have) or lab/golden mixes. Two of Laura's last two dogs have been black standard poodles and she claims they were the smartest, easiest to train pups in all of her 30 years :) You can self train any dog but you run the risk of failure, especially if you choose a dog that has the potential to be dog-aggressive.


Any dog that is trained can a be.


Any dog can be trained as a service dog, providing it has the intelligence @nd the temperament to withstand stressful situations, and be capable and steady enough to do the task at hand. Examples of unusual breed of service dog. Italian greyhound, chihuahua as a hearing response service dog, alerting owners to noises, dropped items when out and about, the handlers name when someone calls out and more. Pomeranian, Yorkshire terrier, Bosten terrier have been trained as diabetic alert dogs, Collie, Akita, Schnauzer as seizure alert dogs. If the dog has the capability of learning the skill and performimpng it oroficciently in a crowd, and is settled and steady. Examples of dogs that cannot be used, agrressive or fearful dogs, high strung dogs, unsocialiaed animals, untrained animals that are unstable with strangers or have been agressige in the past. Another ecpxample of improper match, using a beagle as a mobility dog, Not enough height, not enough muscle to balance an average adult.


I have seen all kinds of dogs being used as service dogs. I have seen pit bulls, labs, mixed breeds, etc. I recently saw a man whose service dog was a standard poodle.


any kind pretty much


Any dog that can wear a vest.


toycup poodle