My parents smoke indoors and im worried for my pets. Suggestions?

I have 2 lovely tabby cats and beagle-basset hound. I'm currently living at a friends house but i visit home often. My mom and her boyfriend chain smoke indoors (Please reserve any negative comments about them, I disapprove of their habits too) and i always worry about the harm the second hand smoke could be causing our pets. I've expressed to my mother and her boyfriend before that I'd like for them not to smoke around the animals at least but they don't listen. If anyone has any advice they could give me on the matter it'd be highly appreciated!


Pets are about the size of a human baby or toddler. So they will feel the effects of 2nd hand smoke greater then if they were a full grown adult. The pets could end up with cancers or tumors at an early age being exposed. Also they will end up with respiratory infections all the time.


They don't live as long as humans do, and if your pets live with you and your friend then it's even less of a problem. Just remember, people who pay the rent or the mortgage can do what they like in their own home. They may encounter smoke-related issues with doctors and other professionals visiting though.


my aunty a heavy smoker with a dog smoked around her dog all the time. the dog got lung cancer.


If possible provide your pets with a window or 2 thats slightly opened in another room of the home where they can go to get a break from the smell would be a good idea. Providing a way for them to get a fresh breath of air would help out alot. Maybe put a sheet up to cover the doorway to the room so your pets can get in and out easily and it will help to block some of the second hand smoke. Be sure to place secure screens outside the window/windows to prevent any of your pets from escaping. Leave the window at open at least an inch or so, so a decent flow of fresh air can enter the room. Putting an air purifier in the room would help out too. Hope this helps!


It's not good for the animals but you can't ask them not to smoke in their own house.


Short nosed dogs are known to get cancer from second hand smoke. Happened to the wife, who did not smoke. The dog and the wife died about 1 year before the husband did. All three had lung cancer.


Second hand smoke is as bad for pets as it is for humans. Cats are especially affected because many of them will stop grooming themselves as they don't want to lick it off their fur. Cats can also develop asthma in smoking households - not sure about dogs but I suspect they could. You can't control them smoking in the house, so you really need to find a place that allows you to have them with you. And I'd make an appointment with a groomer to bathe them prior to bringing them into any place you can take them.


I doubt if smoke, which goes up, and animals are down on the floor are much affected. However, YOU who are taller and breath the smoke, are more at risk by hanging around them than are the animals.


I can imagine that second hand smoke is bad for pets but im no expert. About the only thing you can do is not take your pets when you visit them since you can't get them to smoke outside.Remember to worry about your health too.


Ummm. It's their house! They can do what they want.

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You clearly need a hobby.