Why do WHITES steal Native American land, steal Mexican land, and enslave blacks but claim?

That non-whites follow THEM everywhere?


Listen closely buddy. Your existence here in America and your refusal to relocate elsewhere is the only angle needed to shut your hypocritical dumbazz down. If you actually believed the BS you spew, you would get out. After all it's "stolen land" remember? And you're not someone who wants to whine about said stolen land but also actively choose to voluntarily stay on this land right? Oh wait.....you are. And I say this as a Mexican. You know what disgusts us the most? It's people who like to be the most sanctimonious azzholes in the world yet reality says you're the hypocrite, not White people. Shut it.


rant ......................................................


And the native Americans fought every 20 years for that land before, lefty loon.


They stopped doing that quite a while back. Dumbass.


stop pushing white gulit


technically there was not a country when Colombus came to America. I'm not white and I'm not defending anyone. The only problem, why they killed the indians and enslaved africans. they brought the africans from Africa to America and then, free them. But still treat them like slave until now. About the mexicans, well, California was a deal with the spanish to surrender the state. Illegal aliens are a different matter. Mexicans who are illegals are too many. I agree to limit them. They came to San Diego and Los Angeles and they became gang bangers drug dealers...


Don't hate the winners.


And try to kick everyone out?