Can I vote in the 2020 presidential election?

I was born in December 2002, so I will be almost 18 by November 2020. I’ve been told that sometimes they let people who are close to being 18 vote anyway. Would I be able to?


No, only 18+ people can vote.

Justin Thyme



Don't listen to people who talk rubbish. You can only vote if you are 18 on the actual day, 3 November. To let you vote earlier is obviously illegal.

Jeff D

Sorry, but no. You have to be 18 or older on election day to vote in all states.


Nope too young

Spock (rhp)



You have to be 18 on election day.




You missed it by one month.


The U.S. Constitution forbids the states from setting a minimum age greater than 18. However, you are not eighteen until your eighteenth birthday which appears to be after election day. I am unaware of any state that has a voting age of less than eighteen, but I would need to know your state to say for sure (since the Constitution does permit a state to set a younger voting age). (Some states do permit voting in primary elections if you will turn eighteen before the general election.) If you were turning eighteen in late October, some states do permit pre-registration so that those turning eighteen between the registration deadline and the election can still vote.


I'm sure that is what the democrats would like to do. Republicans hope they don't because she is the gift to us that keeps on giving.


You would have to check in your state (try the state’s Secretary of State website), but as far as I know states do not allow voter registration before the 18th birthday.