Do you think Trump will be president in 2020?



Yes... do you know how presidential terms work? Unless something happens, a newly elected president would be inaugurated in 2021. But Trump is going to president until 2025. :-)


Yes unless Jesus returns first.




TRUMP 2020 !!!


Unless the USA FINALLY SEE'S HOW THINGS WORK. They'll still think that it's one party at vault in politics.


I certainly hope not.


Hard to say but I pray not I don't think the country I spent 22 years defending could survive another 4 years of that racist , ignorant POS


No sir.


No I don't.

Big One 0909

Of course he will. Even if he loses re-election, he will be Prez until Jan 20, 2021 Unless his heart gives out from too many big Macs


Honestly no. There’s a number of strong Democrats running and the winner will replace him


Depends on who the Democrats nominate. If they run another warmongering, corporatists, I’m voting Green Party and many liberals will do the same or stay home. If the party itself swings the election towards a particular person and/or doesn’t get rid of their “super delegate” policy, I’m leaving the party for good This illusion the Democratic Party has that we must vote for them even if they nominate a sh@t candidate isn’t going to carry them this time around and like 2016 the party won’t see it coming.....F@ck voting for the best of two evils because at the end of the day you’d still be voting for evil


I put the odds somewhere around 50/50 that he will be impeached before the end of his term. That in itself is significant.

Lone Star Patriot

No. I think he'll resign at some point this year in exchange for immunity for himself and his family.


Yes!!! Then he will leave office in 2025.