Wouldn't it be great to see him run just to upset the Democrats?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wOue4ceC2W8 I hope the Democrats assaults on him convince him to run

David S

If Shultz runs, it has the potential to ruin the democratic party's chances at winning in 2020.


Progressives know that moderate Democrats would vote for Schultz, and especially those who oppose the Government taking their wealth and private health insurance away.

Donald K

Sure, run, Howard. And for good measure, let's put Jill Stein from the Green Nut Job Party. That should just about do it for the Democrats as they all fight for the crumbs. Got a good sign for Howard all picked out: "His restrooms are filthy!"


It would be great to see him run as party unaffiliated just to prove it can be done (and is desperately needed in a country with only two viable parties, each more corrupt than that other).