Do I qualify for social security disability benefits if I only non immigrant visa?but it’s not a tourist visa?


ibu guru

No. You must have been legally present, legally authorized to work, and paid Social Security & Medicare taxes for a minimum of 10 years in covered employment prior to becoming permanently & totally disabled. You are not legally resident (only allowed into US temporarily), could not possibly have legally worked & paid into Social Security & Medicare for a minimum of 10 full years. You don't qualify for SSI (Supplemental Security Income), or any welfare program or benefits. Any attempt to get benefits can get you deported (mandatory departure with permanent bar to reentry) under public charge laws. Go home.


Nope Must be legal AND have paid into the system at least 40 credits (minimum 10 years)

Lisa A

No. You must be a citizen or LPR living in the US. You must have worked and paid into the system for 10 years.








You do not qualify for any benefits, Pedro.

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You have to put in descriptions of what reason why you would qualify please


Here you go liberals ! This is what you're bringing into this country. Trash like this that WANT a handout for a stubbed toe. IF you're here on a visa. You need to go home when the visa expires. You're not getting jack.