Is it realistic to consider moving to canada alone as a minor?

hi! i’m 16 year old (17 in three months), i was born and raised in morocco, but recently moved to france without my parents because school was too difficult for me. i’m currently living with relatives, but it turns out that the environment i’m living in is pretty toxic, and although i doubt he would ever hurt me, my uncle is not the most mentally stable man and my parents don’t want me to live with him, but we don’t have any clear plans for the moment. i have canadian nationality, and i’m pretty sure i’ll eventually move to canada, but i’ve been wondering if it’s possible for me to move there when i’m still in high school. i haven’t talked to my parents about this, is it realistic to think about it? would i be able to live there if my parents support me and get a part time job? are there any laws that would prevent me from moving there?


Probably not until you're 18 unless you have someone in Canada your parents can appoint as your legal guardian. Besides, if you can't hack school in Morocco you surely won't be able to in Canada which has some of the highest educational standards in the developed world.

Lisa A

Don't you think that after trying 2 different countries, that the problem might not be the country, but rather YOU?

ibu guru

As a minor child, you cannot live without your parents or court-appointed legal guardians. Your parents apparently are not Canadian citizens. So you aren't going to Canada to live on your own. You are too young to work, cannot support yourself, cannot legally sign any lease or contract so you cannot get an apartment, etc.


in Canada, you can live on your own at 16, so, if you are legally Canadian, you can live there - you don't even need your parent's permission. However, doing so might be pretty difficult. Legal, possible, but, pretty hard without support.


What do you mean by "Canadian nationality"? Do you mean you are a Canadian citizen? Do you have a Canadian passport?


You won't be there long.