How to get a immigrant visa without higher education?

Hi I want to immigrate to the United States with a immigrate visa and get a green card but I’m only 18 and I don’t have a higher education what category do I fit in.


Your only option would be to find an American who wanted to marry you and sponsor you for a spouse visa. But at 18 that's not going to happen as most people don't marry that young - and those that do would not meet the income requirements to sponsor a foreign spouse Why not work on getting an education and work experience in a STEM field in your country first

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You would need a family reunification visa. Your US citizen parent, sibling, or spouse would need to sponsor you.

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You would have to be sponsored by an immediate blood relative who is a US citizen who resides in the US & earns enough to support self, all dependents, plus you, and has a suitable home in the US for you. Depending on your citizenship & relationship to your sponsor, you will wait in your country of citizenship for up to 25 years before your Priority Date becomes current & you get the interview for an immigration visa. You don't even qualify for a temporary employment visa. IF you & your parents can afford it, and IF you can get accepted by a university, you might qualify for a student visa. Expect to need a minimum of USD50,000/year for 4 years for a bachelor's degree program. You must return to your country of citizenship immediately upon completion or termination of full-time studies, and you are strictly prohibited from working on a student visa.


If there is a will there is a way Find out what categories of professionals can easily get Visas Get educated in that field and meet the qualifications. Might I recommend a Bachelor of Nursing? a great career for men and women and always needed


You don't qualify for any category based on being 18, no education and 'wanting to'


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No category at this moment. But you're still young enough to pursue an advanced STEM degree or to meet, fall in love with and marry an employed US citizen capable of sponsoring you.


You don't - there are no visas for you to work in the US currently.




You need to get some work skills and work experience. Apprentiship?


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